Pricing guaranteed without increase for 6 months from date of registration, with exception & apology of gas surcharge if price per gallon exceeds $4.

Once classroom session has begun, no refund of classroom payment will be made, and full payment for classroom portion will be due, despite status of student's attendance.

Classroom deposit is refundable if registration is cancelled no less than 2 full business days prior to start of class session. 


30 hours classroom instruction $210

12 hours behind the wheel $42/hr

6 hours observation $0

2 hour parent class $0

RMV issued certificate of completion $20 (includes admin fee)

Full program must be completed within 2 years of first date of enrollment

Pay-as-you-go!  No need to pay in full!     


Classroom only: $275

1st one hour road lesson: $65. 2nd hour and more: $42 

Payment Options

Pay in Full or Pay-as-you-go!

Classroom deposit (1/2 of total classroom fee) due at registration, balance due 1st day of class. 

Road lessons may be paid in full OR take advantage of our 'pay as you go' option.  Payments can be made online in any increment, mailed or pay instructor at time of lesson.  Payments must be made at or before time of lesson to remain current.  (we reserve the right to cancel road lessons if account becomes delinquent)

Other fees payable to StreetSmart:  

RMV Certificate of Completion (includes $5 administrative fee):  $20

Sponsor for road test (Optional):    $99 
(Includes RMV weekend overtime fee, or weekday sponsorship at Lynn, Lawrence or Wilmington RMV locations only)

Returned check fee:  $25 fee for any check returned from bank for any reason (insufficient funds/ stop payment etc)

Finance charge of 10% may be assessed on payments that are over 7 days past due. Payments are due at time of service.

Fees Payable to Registry of Motor Vehicles*:

Permit test:    $30

Certificate of Completion:  $15 plus $5 admin  (payable to StreetSmart ( see above) payment will be forwarded to RMV)

Picture License:  $50   Road Test Examiner Fee:  $35 each attempt   

*RMV fees may change without notice

Requirements for Classroom Portion of the Course:

--Attendance (30 hours- missed classes must be made up)

--80% Final grade written test (RMV required grade)

--Complete worksheets, quizzes, and/or other assignments

--Full program must be completed within 2 years of first date of enrollment

**Classroom cancellations: If minimum enrollment of 6 students is not reached, class session may be postponed. Classroom deposit is refundable if registration is cancelled no less than 2 full business days prior to start of class session.

Road Lessons: Students will be picked up/ dropped off at a pre-determined location.  We offer at home pick up for all students located in Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott, parts of Beverly, parts of Peabody, parts of Lynn.  You may request to be picked up at home/school/work/other.

**Road lesson cancellations:  For road lessons must be made 1 FULL business /office day in advance.  If you must cancel your appointment, call 978 745-0607.  If a student fails to give proper notice of cancellation, he/she may be charged for the lesson, at current hourly rate.  Business /office days are Mon-Fri excluding holidays. Examples: Thursday 4pm lesson must be cancelled by Wednesday morning.  Please consider Friday morning as deadline for weekend or Monday cancellations.

Conduct:  Any conduct by a student that amounts to disruption in the classroom/ facility or in the vehicle, will be considered cause for discharge from the Driver Education Course, and allowed to return only at our discretion.  No refunds will be made under these conditions.

Photographs/Videotape/Audiotape:  Photos and/or tapings of our students are occasionally taken during their lessons.  These photos may be used in our website, brochures, posters, curriculum, instructor & student training etc.  Students are always aware if they are being photographed, filmed or recorded, and have the option to refuse.  If you do not want your child's image or voice recorded in any way, you must state your request in writing to StreetSmart management.  We will never record a student in any way without their knowledge.  We respect the privacy of our students and their families. If you DO NOT want your child's image used by us for promotional purposes, you must inform us in writing either on your registration form.

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